Hitting Homeruns for Student Success: Titan Baseball Scholarship Fund 


Whether that goal is to get a good career fast, or to get a better, more affordable start to a bachelor’s degree by transferring credits on to a four-year school, Ivy Tech has been helping students define success for their own unique paths for over 50 years.  Under the leadership of Coach Hershberger, Titans Baseball hopes to provide a whole new opportunity for student athletes in Northeast Indiana by allowing them to develop their potential both on the field and in the classroom as they prepare for a future that is uniquely theirs. 

By joining the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Ivy Tech Northeast will be able to provide student athletes the opportunity to develop under a collegiate athletic program with an affordable price tag, making the experience more accessible and providing an even broader range of opportunities for our regional athletes.  


Because dreams should never be too expensive to pursue we want to provide twelve fully-funded scholarships for our Titan Ball Players! A fully-funded scholarship covers thirty credit hours for an academic year. These scholarships help make an affordable education even more accessible to provide players the ability to develop their athletic potential while pursuing their future dreams.  By eliminating barriers for our players we can truly create opportunities to change lives and make Indiana great!  

Your Help

$120 Provides a textbook (based on average cost although costs vary by course)

$250 Course required supplies

$406 Tuition for a class

$600 Textbooks for a semester

$2027.25 A full-time semester for a student athlete

$4,054.50 A fully-funded scholarship for a student athlete

$8,109.00 An Associate’s Degree that can transfer or put a player right in the workforce. Defining success their way. 

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